On November 8th 2020, 33 of them set sail for an exceptional journey, the Vendée Globe, the biggest sailing race around the world, solo, nonstop and without assistance. 

After having crossed nearly 45.000 km and all the oceans of the world, overcoming the 3 main capes and endured the harshest sailing conditions, there are now 14 of them who have reached the port of Les Sables d’Olonne. 

The 12th in the classification is the 1st woman to have completed this round-the-world race, Clarisse Cremer, the new women’s record holder in 87 days, 19 hours, 07min and 50s.

This 9th edition is exceptional in many ways. Apart from this new female record, and the record for female participation, there are only 8 withdrawals to date.

We also had to wait for the 8th finish to have the final classification and the winner!

Indeed, following the shipwreck of Kévin Escoffier on PRB in the South Seas on 30th November, 3 sailors went to his aid. It was Jean Le Cam who finally found him on his lifeboat and took him on board, but all three benefited from bonus time to compensate for their diversion. Thus Yannick Bestaven got 10:15, Boris Hermann 6:00 and Jean Le Cam 16:15. These times had to be deducted from their race time at the finish.

Finally, the race scenario continued to deliver all its suspense until the end since 9 competitors arrived in the peloton a few hours apart, including the 3 bonus times, leaving a total uncertainty about the winner and the race classification until the finish of the 8th!

It was Charlie Dalin who crossed the finish line first, followed shortly (4 hours) by Louis Burton, neck and neck a few hours earlier with Boris Hermann, who with his bonus time, could claim victory by arriving less than 6 hours after Charlie Dalin. Ultimate twist, the German unfortunately crashed into a fishing boat in the Golf of Gascogne, ruining his podium hopes just a stone’s throw from the finish line!

Thomas Ruyant will finish before him but will come back behind in the classification and it is Yannick Bestaven who, by crossing the line in 3rd position only 8 hours after the 1st with a 10 hours bonus, will finally win this epic edition! 

The hero Jean Le Cam, 8th to cross the line, but in contact with his predecessors, will also benefit from his bonus and will take 4th place.


Here is the final classification after 14 finishes :

  • 1st : Yannick Bestaven – Maître Coq IV

Arrival during the night of 27th to 28th January 2021 with 10:15 bonus.

80 days, 3 hours, 44 min, 46 s.

  • 2nd : Charlie Dalin – Apivia

First to cross the finish line.

80 days, 6 hours, 15 min, 47 s.

  • 3rd : Louis Burton – Bureau Vallée 2

2nd to cross the finish line.

80 jours, 10 hours, 25 min, 12 s.

  • 4th : Jean Le Cam – Yes we Cam !

8th to cross the finish line but with a 16:15 bonus time.

80 days, 13 hours, 44 min, 55 s.

  • 5th : Boris Hermann – Seaexplorer

6th to cross the finish line with 6 hours bonus time.

80 days, 14 hours, 59 min, 45 s.

  • 6th : Thomas Ruyant – LinkedOut

80 days, 15 hours, 22 min, 01 s

  • 7th : Damien Seguin – Groupe APICIL

80 days, 21 hours, 58 min, 20 s.

  • 8th : Giancarlo Pedote – Prysmian Group

80 days, 22 hours, 42 min, 20 s.

  • 9th : Benjamin Dutreux – Omia – Water Family

81 jours, 19 hours, 45 min, 20 s.

  • 10th : Maxime Sorel – V&B – Mayenne

82 days, 14 hour, 30 min, 15 s.

  • 11th : Armel Tripon – L’Occitane en Provence

84 days, 19 hours, 07 min, 50 s.

  • 12th : Clarisse Cremer – Banque Populaire x

87 days, 02 hours, 24 min, 25 s.

  • 13th : Jérémie Beyou – Charal

89 days, 18 hours, 55 min, 58 s.

  • 14th : Romain Attanasio – Pure – Best Western

90 days, 02 hours, 46 min, 02 s.