What summer 2020 !

In this special year 2020, the adventures follow one another and for some of us unfortunately with dramatic issues so our thoughts are with us. However we needed to roll up our sleeves to take back our activities in complicated conditions and regularly challenged, and this from the end of confinement so as to hope to have a good summer in 2020 despite everything and to keep to exist.

It has been and important challenge that we have taken up with motivation in order to answer as well as possible to visitors in this so special period. We warmly thank them for their trust. We hope to have been able to meet the expectations of the situation and then receive very soon again in a less anxiety-provoking general climate.

In any case, we were delighted to notice that our accommodations were corresponding with many visitors’ expectations looking for tranquillity, autonomy, nature and the ocean.

The good weather gave us the pleasure to linger in September and we already are in October, in this year of the Vendee Globe sailing race. This local event, which is expecting every 4 years, comes in a period of doubts and constraints but we are really determined to enjoy it anyway and to honour the heroes who get ready to go face the Everest of the Seas along with our encouragement and our renewed interest.

So as to comply with health constraints, the Vendee Globe village, the pontoons access and even the start of the race are completely organized differently but nevertheless allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of this exciting adventure.

You can find everything about this event here : https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr

As far as we are concerned, we keep our accommodations available and clean for you in order to allow you to settle for a few days on the Vendee coast, see the ocean, and immerse yourself a little in this exceptional event to discover the world of sailing.

All Saints Holidays are already here and it seems we can get an opportunity to get a change of atmosphere.