2018 is a very good year for golf in France!

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2018 is a very good year for golf in France!


The famous and exciting team competition between the United States and Europe, the Ryder Cup, will take place on the National Golf of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, next to Paris.

This forty-second edition will happen from 28 to 30 September 2018 and promises to be a beautiful battle between the American and European players selected to compete in match-play. This year, Europe enters the competition with a two victories advance, and leads 10 to 8.

The Ryder Cup is a golf trophy created in 1927 and that opposes Europe and the United States by team since 1979. The competition is played every two years, alternately on European and American courses. This year, it is the very beautiful Albatros golf course of the National Golf, conceived by the architects Hubert Chesneau and Robert Von Hagge, located in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in the south-west of Paris, which was chosen to host the trophy.

The Ryder Cup pits the best players selected by teams of 12 golfers. The winner of each duel wins one point in case of victory, and half a point to each player in case of a tie. Some games have two doublettes of each team playing with 2 or 4 balls. These duels also report a point to the winners, a half-point in case of a tie after 18 holes. The competition lasts three days, from Friday to Sunday. The first team that reaches the score of 14 and a half points is declared the winner of the trophy.

Its format, by team, makes it particularly interesting to follow and creates a wonderful emulation in the bleachers bordering the courses receiving the event.
The Ryder Cup is among the world’s 5 most watched sporting events (with the Olympics, the World Cup and the Tour de France) with 700 million viewers, especially in the United States and Great Britain, where golf is a very developed sport. Many foreign visitors are therefore expected for the occasion.
It is then a touristical event as a sporting event, which will highlight France as a golf destination, with many facets.

The Vendée is one of the French destinations where golf is practiced throughout the year on 6 beautiful courses with varied profiles. Along the coast or in the back country, it is the character of the Vendean territory that is revealed through its golf courses.

Oceavilla is pleased to be a partner of Bluegreen, manager of 3 golf courses in Vendée: the Fontenelles Golf, the Golf de la Domangère and the Port Bourgenay Golf, to propose “Accommodation + golf” packages, with formulas adapted to each that want to practice this sport during a stay in Vendée. Our villas with heated pools, complete equipment and luxury comfort are ideal for relaxing between two parties, during an internship, or after an initiation.

It is therefore with particular attention that we will follow the Ryder Cup this year, crossing our fingers for Europe and hoping that this spotlight on golf in France will convince golfers from all over the world to come to visit us!