06th of November 2016, the 8th VENDEE GLOBE takes its departure from Les Sables d”Olonne in Vendée. This mythical race around the world, alone and without assistance, is considered the Everest of the Seas. At least 25 skippers, seasoned sailors, should take the sea that morning, aboard their IMOCA monohulls. Some have already written some beautiful pages in the history of sailing around the world solo, such as Bertrand DE BROC, Vincent RIOU, Armel LE CLEAC”H, Alex THOMSON, Nandor FA, or Rich WILSON.
The organization of the race is working to gather all the means to make it the largest French sporting event and a leading international race. The test that awaits the skippers is up to the media cover size that the online casino VENDEE GLOBE takes each new edition. One of the greatest adventure that Man can live!

A sporting challenge that defies the forces of nature while respecting the ocean, that confronts the individual at the world around, without polluting machine, to the strength of talent, mind and technology. In this period of questioning about the impact of human activities on the environment and the relationship between Man and Earth, this race is a symbol.

Participate in this great adventure! Go the 6th of November 2016 on Port Olonna”s docks to encourage these heroes of the seas!